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Sanitation Machinery Reverse Thrust Hydraulic Cylinder

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Hydraulic Cylinders

The sanitation machinery forward thrust hydraulic cylinder is a crucial component used in sanitation machinery and equipment specifically designed to provide powerful forward thrusting force. It plays a vital role in various applications such as street sweeping machines, garbage compactors, sewer cleaning vehicles, and other sanitation equipment that require efficient forward movement.

This sanitation machinery forward thrust hydraulic cylinder is specifically designed to convert hydraulic energy into linear motion, generating the necessary force for propulsion. It consists of a cylindrical barrel, a piston, a piston rod, and hydraulic ports. The cylinder barrel houses the piston, which divides the internal space into two chambers: the rod side and the cap side.

The hydraulic fluid, typically oil, is directed into one of the chambers through the hydraulic ports, creating pressure that pushes against the piston. As the pressure increases, it forces the piston and the connected piston rod to extend or retract, depending on the specific application. This linear motion translates into the forward thrust needed for the sanitation machinery to move efficiently.

The design and specifications of the sanitation machinery forward thrust hydraulic cylinder can vary depending on the application and specific requirements of the sanitation equipment. Factors such as maximum thrust force, stroke length, operating pressure, and environmental conditions are taken into account during the design process to ensure optimal performance and durability.

In summary, the sanitation machinery forward thrust hydraulic cylinder is a vital hydraulic component that provides the necessary forward thrusting force for various sanitation equipment. Its efficient and reliable operation contributes to the smooth and effective functioning of sanitation machinery, ultimately helping to maintain cleanliness in urban environments.


Sanitation Machinery Reverse Thrust Hydraulic Cylinder Dimensions:


Cylinder Name Drawing number Bore diameter (D) Rod diameter (d) Stroke (S) Installation distance (L) Working pressure Interface dimensions (M) Weight
Reverse thrust cylinder LPE222.2.2-5-00 Φ220 Φ110 420 1110 16MPa 2-M22*1.5 323kg

Sanitation Machinery Reverse Thrust Hydraulic Cylinder Parts:

The main parts of a sanitation machinery reverse thrust hydraulic cylinder are:

1. Cylinder Barrel: The cylinder barrel is the main body of the reverse thrust cylinder. It houses the piston and provides a sealed chamber for the hydraulic fluid.

2. Piston: The piston is a cylindrical component that moves back and forth inside the reverse thrust cylinder barrel. It divides the cylinder into two chambers and transmits the hydraulic force generated by the fluid.

3. Piston Rod: The piston rod is attached to the piston and extends through one end of the cylinder barrel. It provides a connection point for external components and transfers the force from the piston to the machinery.

4. Seals: Seals are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the hydraulic system. They prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid and help maintain pressure within the reverse thrust cylinder. Common seal types include rod seals, piston seals, and wiper seals.

5. Hydraulic Fluid: Hydraulic fluid, often oil, is used to transmit force within the reverse thrust cylinder. It is pressurized by a hydraulic pump and distributed throughout the reverse thrust cylinder to generate movement.

6. Cylinder Head and Cap: The reverse thrust cylinder head and cap enclose the ends of the cylinder barrel, providing a sealed structure. They typically have ports for hydraulic fluid inlet and outlet.

7. Mounting Brackets: Mounting brackets are used to attach the hydraulic cylinder to the sanitation machinery. They provide stability and ensure proper alignment for efficient operation.

8. Retainer Rings: Retainer rings or circlips are used to secure the piston and other components within the reverse thrust cylinder barrel. They prevent disassembly during operation and maintenance.

9. Hydraulic Connections: Various hydraulic connections, such as fittings, hoses, and valves, are used to facilitate the flow of hydraulic fluid into and out of the reverse thrust cylinder.


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