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Hydraulic Cylinder for Lifting and Flipping the Grain Tank

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Hydraulic Cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical device that uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to move an object. It is made up of a piston, a cylinder, and a hydraulic fluid. When the fluid is pressurized, it pushes the piston, which in turn moves the object.

To lift and flip a grain tank, you will need a hydraulic cylinder with a large enough bore and stroke to lift the weight of the tank. The bore is the diameter of the cylinder, and the stroke is the distance the piston travels. The amount of weight the cylinder can lift is determined by its bore, stroke, and pressure rating.

The type of hydraulic cylinder you need will also depend on the way you want to flip the tank. If you want to flip the tank vertically, you will need a single-acting cylinder. A single-acting cylinder only has one piston rod, and it is extended by pressurized fluid. To retract the piston rod, you will need to use a manual or electric pump.

If you want to flip the tank horizontally, you will need a double-acting cylinder. A double-acting cylinder has two piston rods, and it can be extended or retracted by pressurized fluid. This type of cylinder is more expensive than a single-acting cylinder, but it is easier to use.


Hydraulic Cylinder Dimensions:


drawing number
bore diameter (D)
rod diameter (d)
stroke (S)
Installation distance (L)
working pressure
Interface dimensions (M)
5T1037631-3-00 Φ65 Φ35 607 823 16.7MPa 2-RC1/4 18kg

Features of Hydraulic Cylinder for Lifting and Flipping the Grain Tank:

Here are some of the features of a hydraulic cylinder for lifting and flipping a grain tank:

1. Lifting capacity: The hydraulic cylinder must be able to lift the weight of the grain tank. This is determined by the bore and stroke of the cylinder, as well as the pressure rating.

2. Stroke: The stroke is the distance that the piston rod can travel. This determines how high the grain tank can be lifted.

3. Pressure rating: The pressure rating is the maximum pressure that the cylinder can withstand. This is important to ensure that the cylinder does not rupture when it is lifting the grain tank.

4. Material of construction: The hydraulic cylinder must be made of a strong and durable material that can withstand the weight of the grain tank and the pressure that will be applied to it. Steel and aluminum are common materials used for hydraulic cylinders.

5. Seals: The hydraulic cylinder must have seals that prevent the hydraulic fluid from leaking out. This is important to ensure that the cylinder operates efficiently and safely.

6. Lubrication: The hydraulic cylinder must be lubricated to prevent wear and tear. This is usually done with grease or oil.

7. Safety features: The hydraulic cylinder should have safety features to prevent accidents. This could include a pressure relief valve or a lock-out mechanism.


China Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

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