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High Quality Car Forklift Lifts Hydraulic Cylinders Customized Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

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Hydraulic Cylinders

A forklift hydraulic lift cylinder is a type of hydraulic cylinder that is used to lift and lower the forks of a forklift. It is a single-acting cylinder, meaning that it can only push in one direction. The hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder to extend the piston, which lifts the forks. When the fluid is released, the piston retracts, and the forks are lowered. Forklift hydraulic lift cylinders are typically made of steel and have a chrome-plated piston rod. They are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to match the needs of different forklifts.

The hydraulic lift cylinder operates on the principle of hydraulic pressure. It consists of a cylindrical tube, typically made of steel, with a piston assembly inside. The cylinder is securely mounted to the forklift's mast or lifting mechanism. When hydraulic fluid, usually oil, is pumped into the cylinder through hydraulic lines, it applies pressure to one side of the piston. This pressure causes the piston to move, extending or retracting the hydraulic lift cylinder. The movement of the cylinder, in turn, raises or lowers the forks or lifting attachment of the forklift.

The hydraulic lift cylinder is designed to handle heavy loads and withstand the demanding conditions of a forklift's operation. It needs to be durable, resistant to wear and corrosion, and capable of providing reliable lifting performance. Maintenance of the hydraulic lift cylinders involves regular inspection for leaks, proper lubrication, and ensuring the hydraulic fluid is clean and at the appropriate level. If any issues are detected, such as leaks or reduced lifting capacity, it is important to address them promptly to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the forklift.


Forklift Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Parts Diagram:

The main components of a forklift hydraulic lift cylinder are:

  • Cylinder body: The cylinder body is the main housing of the cylinder. It is made of steel and has a borehole that the piston rod slides through.
  • Piston: The piston is a cylindrical piece of metal that slides through the borehole in the cylinder body. It has a series of seals that prevent the hydraulic fluid from leaking out.
  • Piston rod: The piston rod is a long, cylindrical piece of metal that extends from the piston. It is used to transmit force from the piston to the forks.
  • Seals: The seals are used to prevent the hydraulic fluid from leaking out of the cylinder. They are made of a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, and metal.
  • Bushings: The bushings are used to reduce friction between the piston and the cylinder body. They are made of a variety of materials, including bronze, plastic, and metal.

Forklift hydraulic lift cylinders are an essential part of the forklift's lifting mechanism. They are designed to withstand the heavy loads that forklifts are often used to lift.


1 Cylinder Housing assy 11 Sprocket Seat 21 O-Ring
2 Piston 12 Sprocket Cover 22 Grease Nipple
3 Oil Pipe 13 Spring Washers 23 O-Ring
4 Check Valve 14 Hex Bolt 24 washer
5 Circlips For Hole 15 Du Bush 25 Screws
6 O-Ring 16 Back-Ring 26 Piston Rod
7 Wear-Ring 17 Rod Seal 27 Plug
8 Hole Seal 18 Dust Wiper
9 Round Wire 19 Back-Ring
10 Guide Bush 20 O-Ring

Forklift Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Key Attributes:

Condition: New Product name: Forklift Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
Warranty: 1 Year Application: Industrial vehicle/forklift lift
Applicable Industries:  Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Farms Color:  Customer Requirement
Weight (KG): 45 Material: 20#/45# Steel
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided Acting type: Double Acting, Single Acting
Machinery Test Report: Provided Seals: Hallite,parker, NOK,Shamban
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product Certificate:  ISO9001:2015
Warranty of core components:  1 Year Keyword:  Steering lift tilt extension
Core Components:  Piston rod, Piston MOQ: 1pcs
Standard or Nonstandard:  Nonstandard Brand: EPT
Structure:  Piston Cylinder Packaging Details:  Crate, pallet, or based on customer's requirement
Power:  Hydraulic Supply Ability 100,000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Body Material: Steel Port: ShanghaiI/ Ningbo

Forklift Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Parameters:

Item Description
Product Name Custom-made hydraulic Cylinder for industrial vehicle/forklift lift
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO4001, ISO 45003
Production Capacity: 1200,000 pcs per year
Sample Time Based actual type
Brand EPT or customer's logo
Service OEM & ODM
Seal brand Parker,NOK, BUSAK SHAMBAN
Delivery Time Based on order quantity.
Business Type Manufacturer & Exporter

Forklift Hydraulic Lift Cylinder Working Principle:

The working principle of a forklift hydraulic lift cylinder is based on Pascal's law. Pascal's law states that pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted equally throughout the fluid.

In the case of a forklift hydraulic lift cylinder, the fluid is hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is stored in a reservoir tank. A pump draws the hydraulic oil from the reservoir tank and pumps it into the cylinder. The cylinder has a piston inside it. The piston is connected to the forks of the forklift.

When the pump pushes the hydraulic oil into the cylinder, the piston moves up. This raises the forks of the forklift. When the pump stops, the pressure in the cylinder decreases. The piston then moves down, lowering the forks of the forklift.

The amount of force that the hydraulic lift cylinder can exert is determined by the pressure of the hydraulic oil and the surface area of the piston. The greater the pressure of the hydraulic oil, the greater the force that the cylinder can exert. The greater the surface area of the piston, the less force that is required to move it.

The hydraulic lift cylinder is a critical component of a forklift. It allows the forklift to lift and move heavy objects. The hydraulic lift cylinder is also a very efficient way to transmit force. It can generate a lot of force with a relatively small amount of hydraulic oil.

Here are the main components of a forklift hydraulic lift cylinder:

  • Reservoir tank: The reservoir tank stores the hydraulic oil.
  • Pump: The pump draws the hydraulic oil from the reservoir tank and pumps it into the cylinder.
  • Cylinder: The cylinder has a piston inside it. The piston is connected to the forks of the forklift.
  • Control valve: The control valve regulates the flow of hydraulic oil into and out of the cylinder.
  • Hoses: The hoses connect the pump, cylinder, and control valve.

The hydraulic lift cylinder is a complex system, but it works on a simple principle. By applying pressure to a confined fluid, the hydraulic lift cylinder can generate a large amount of force. This makes it a valuable tool for lifting and moving heavy objects.

Forklift Hydraulic Cylinder for Lift:

Forklift hydraulic lift cylinders for all industries. We can build, supply new, and repair cylinders for earth moving, marine, press, crane, telescopic, shear, excavator, and chip dump applications. We also have the capabilities, experience, and technical knowledge to manufacture new cylinders and custom-build cylinders. We can handle any forklift hydraulic cylinder needs, from smaller application cylinders to very large cylinders (for example, cylinders on large mining equipment). Contact us for pricing and availability or if you need a custom hydraulic lift cylinder.

● 3000PSI Rated pressure, 6000PSI testing pressure.
● Imported world-famous brands and Chinese top brands sealing systems.
● High quality Cold Drawn steel tube, with good rigidity.
● CNC Rolled tube inner surface, with roughness of 0.2~0.4um.
● Superior strength chrome-plated rod, anticorrosion for a long life.
● High-grade Ductile Iron bar directly machined Gland and Piston, with high strength.
● Heavy-duty welded construction, automatic welding for good quality.
● Twin-lip piston seals for maximum efficiency.
● 100% factory tested under at least 1.5 times the rated pressure.


We Also Can Customized Hydraulic Cylinders:

HZPT is a company in the R&D and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. It maintains a leading position in the market segment of hydraulic cylinders for forklifts in China. In 2020, the domestic market share was around 29%. We produce Industrial vehicle hydraulic cylinders, Aerial work vehicle hydraulic cylinders, Agricultural Machinery hydraulic cylinders, Construction machinery hydraulic cylinders, and Sanitation machinery hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinder is a non-standard product and all products are independently developed by ourselves.

The machining shop is equipped with custom-made tilt guide rail turning centers, machining centers, high-speed honing machines, welding robots, and other relevant equipment, which can handle the machining work of cylinder tubes with 400mm Max ID and with 6 meters of Max length.

We have a fully automatic water-based paint coating line for small and medium cylinders, which realizes automatic loading and unloading and automatic spraying by robots, with a designed production capacity of 4,000 pieces per shift. We have another semi-automatic painting line for large-scale cylinders, which is driven by a power chain, and the design capacity is 60 crates per shift.


China Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

We have a first-class independent R&D platform for assembly. The forklift cylinder production workshop has four semi-automatic lifting cylinder assembly lines and one fully automatic tilting cylinder assembly line, with a designed annual production capacity of 1 million pieces; the special cylinder workshop is equipped with semi-automatic cleaning and assembly systems of various specifications, with a designed annual production capacity of 200,000 pieces. It is equipped with famous brand CNC machining equipment, machining centers, special equipment for high precision cylinder processing, robot welding machines, automatic cleaning machines, automatic cylinder assembly machines, and automatic paint production lines. We have more than 300 sets of key equipment running. The optimized allocation and efficient utilization of equipment resources ensure the precision requirements of the products and meet the high standard quality requirements of the products.

We are one of the best hydraulic cylinders manufacturers. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service. We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information, and cooperate with us!



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