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Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder

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Hydraulic Cylinders

A jack-up offshore platform lifting cylinder is a type of hydraulic cylinder that is used to raise and lower the platform. It is a critical component of the platform's jacking system, which allows the platform to move between the water and the seabed.

The lifting cylinder is typically a double-acting cylinder, which means that it can be operated in both directions. The piston rod is connected to the ring beam, which is a horizontal beam that runs around the perimeter of the platform. When the cylinder is extended, the ring beam is raised, and when the cylinder is retracted, the ring beam is lowered.

The lifting cylinder is typically made of high-strength steel and is capable of lifting a significant amount of weight. The cylinder is also equipped with a number of safety features, such as a pressure relief valve and a hydraulic lock, to prevent overpressurization and damage to the cylinder.

The jack-up offshore platform lifting cylinder is a critical component of the platform's jacking system. It is essential for the safe and efficient operation of the platform.

Here are some of the key features of a jack-up offshore platform lifting cylinder:

  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • High-strength steel construction
  • Safety features, such as pressure relief valve and hydraulic lock
  • Capable of lifting a significant amount of weight

The lifting cylinder is typically customized to the specific requirements of the platform. The bore diameter, rod diameter, stroke, and pressure rating will vary depending on the size and weight of the platform.


Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder Specifications:

Product Name Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder
Features: Realize the lifting and lowering of the platform by driving the ring beam
Bore diameter: Up to 700mm
Rod diameter: Up to 420mm
Stroke up to 2150mm
Pressure: up to 32Mpa
Sensor: An external displacement sensor can be configured to meet the needs of maintenance and replacement of the sensor without disassembling the cylinders
Applications: Jack-up Offshore Platform

Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder Advantages:

The lifting cylinders on a jack-up offshore platform are responsible for raising and lowering the platform, which allows it to move from place to place and reach different depths of water. The advantages of these cylinders include:

1. High lifting capacity: Jack-up platform lifting cylinders can lift heavy loads, which is necessary for supporting the weight of the platform and its equipment.

2. Long stroke: The long stroke of these cylinders allows the platform to be raised and lowered to a wide range of heights, which is important for operating in different water depths.

3. High reliability: Jack-up platform lifting cylinders are designed to be reliable and to operate in harsh environments.

4. Low maintenance: These cylinders require little maintenance, which helps to keep operating costs down.

5. Customizable design: Jack-up platform lifting cylinders can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each platform.


Jack-up Offshore Platform Lifting Cylinder Applications:

ack-up offshore platform lifting cylinders are used to raise and lower the platform from the water. They are typically hydraulic cylinders, and they can be either single-acting or double-acting. Single-acting cylinders only extend when hydraulic fluid is pumped in while double-acting cylinders can extend and retract when hydraulic fluid is pumped in or out.

The lifting cylinders are typically located on the legs of the platform. When the hydraulic cylinders extend, they raise the platform. When the cylinders retract, they lower the platform. The lifting cylinders are controlled by a hydraulic system, which is powered by an engine or electric motor.

Jack-up offshore platform lifting cylinders are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Drilling for oil and gas
  • Installing offshore wind turbines
  • Conducting marine surveys
  • Maintaining offshore infrastructure

The lifting cylinders must be able to lift and lower the platform safely and reliably. They must also be able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions found offshore, such as salt water, wind, and waves.


China Jack-up Offshore Platform Cylinder Manufacturers

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