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Shield Machine Crusher Cylinder for Tunnel Boring

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The shield machine crusher cylinder is a specialized component used in shield tunneling machines, also known as tunnel boring machines (TBMs). These machines are used for large-scale excavation projects to create tunnels for various purposes, including transportation systems, underground utilities, and mining operations.

The shield machine crusher cylinder is an essential part of the shield machine's cutting and crushing system. It is typically located at the front end of the tunnel boring machine and is responsible for breaking and crushing rocks, boulders, and other obstructions encountered during the tunneling process. The crusher cylinder is equipped with robust crushing teeth or discs that rotate or oscillate, exerting immense force on the rock face to break it down into smaller, manageable pieces.

The shield machine crusher cylinder is designed to withstand high pressure and provide reliable performance in challenging underground conditions. It is typically operated hydraulically, with hydraulic fluid powering the movement of the crushing teeth. The hydraulic system allows for precise control over the crushing force, ensuring efficient excavation while minimizing damage to the TBM and maintaining stability in the tunneling process.

By effectively breaking down the rocks and obstacles, the shield machine crusher cylinder enables the tunnel boring machine to advance smoothly through the ground, creating a tunnel of the desired diameter and shape. This component plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency and productivity of the tunneling operation, reducing downtime and increasing the machine's excavation rate.


Shield Machine Crusher Cylinder Specifications:

Product Name Shield Machine Crusher Cylinder
Features: Clamp the crushing tongs to ensure that large pieces of gravel are crushed before they enter the discharge port
Various specifications of crusher cylinders can be designed and produced according to customer requirements
Applications: Shield Machine, Tunnel Boring Machinery

Advantages of Shield Machine Crusher Cylinder:

The shield machine crusher cylinder offers several advantages in the tunneling and excavation process. Here are some key benefits of the crusher cylinder for shield machines:

1. Efficient rock breaking: The crusher cylinder is designed to effectively break and crush rocks, boulders, and other obstructions encountered during tunneling. Its powerful crushing teeth or discs exert significant force, enabling efficient rock fragmentation and reducing the size of excavated material. This efficiency helps to speed up the excavation process and increase productivity.

2. Enhanced safety: By breaking down rocks and obstacles, the shield machine crusher cylinder enhances safety during tunneling operations. It reduces the risk of large or unstable rocks causing blockages or accidents, ensuring smoother progress and minimizing the potential for tunnel boring machine damage or downtime.

3. Adaptability to varying ground conditions: The crusher cylinder is engineered to handle a wide range of geological conditions. It can effectively crush different types of rock formations, including hard rocks, soft rocks, and mixed ground. This adaptability allows the shield machine to continue tunneling through various ground conditions without significant disruptions.

4. Precise control and adjustability: The hydraulic operation of the shield machine crusher cylinder provides precise control over the crushing force. This allows operators to adjust the force according to the specific ground conditions encountered. Fine-tuning the crushing force ensures optimal excavation performance while minimizing the risk of tunnel boring machine damage or excessive wear on the crushing teeth.

5. Increased tunnel-boring machine performance and longevity: The efficient operation of the crusher cylinder contributes to overall tunnel-boring machine performance and longevity. By effectively breaking down rocks, it reduces the strain on other tunnel-boring machine components, such as the cutterhead, and minimizes wear and tear. This leads to extended machine life and reduced maintenance requirements, resulting in cost savings for tunneling projects.

6. Improved tunneling speed: The use of a shield machine crusher cylinder can significantly increase the tunneling speed, allowing projects to be completed more quickly. The efficient rock-breaking capabilities enable the tunnel boring machine to advance smoothly through the ground, reducing downtime caused by obstructions and facilitating faster excavation rates.

7. Customization and compatibility: Shield machine crusher cylinders can be customized to suit specific project requirements and tunnel boring machine designs. They are compatible with various tunnel boring machine models and can be integrated seamlessly into the overall tunneling system.


Choose the Right Crusher Cylinder for Shield Machines:

Choosing the right crusher cylinder for a shield machine involves considering several factors. Here are some key considerations to help guide the selection process:

(1) Tunnel boring machine specifications: Understand the specifications and requirements of the shield machine or tunnel boring machine being used. Consider factors such as the tunnel boring machine model, size, and power, as well as the diameter and length of the tunnel to be excavated. The crusher cylinder should be compatible with the tunnel boring machine and designed to meet the specific project requirements.

(2) Ground conditions: Evaluate the geological conditions of the tunneling site. Different types of rock formations, soil types, and ground stability can influence the selection of the shield machine crusher cylinder. Consider the hardness and abrasiveness of the rocks, as well as the presence of potential obstructions or challenging ground conditions. The crusher cylinder should be capable of effectively breaking and crushing the specific ground materials encountered.

(3) Excavation requirements: Determine the desired excavation rate and productivity goals for the project. Consider the expected daily or hourly excavation targets and the desired tunneling speed. The crusher cylinder should be able to handle the anticipated workload and contribute to efficient excavation rates.

(4) Crushing force and design: Evaluate the crushing force requirements based on the ground conditions and the size of rocks or obstructions expected to be encountered. Consider the design and construction of the crusher cylinder, including the type and arrangement of the crushing teeth or discs. The hydraulic cylinder should provide sufficient crushing force and be designed to withstand the anticipated loads and stresses.

(5) Hydraulic system and control: Assess the hydraulic system capabilities and compatibility with the shield machine. Consider the hydraulic pressure, flow rate, and control mechanisms. The shield machine crusher cylinder should be compatible with the tunnel boring machine's hydraulic system and provide the necessary control for adjusting the crushing force as required during tunneling.


China Shield Machine Cylinder Manufacturers

HZPT has been developing and producing shield machine cylinders since 2005, has successfully exported them all over the world, and has a leading global market share. For example, the Bertha shield machine in Seattle, the entire set of high-pressure hydraulic cylinders is from HZPT. Even though the equipment was constructed underground for two years, HZPT's cylinders did not suffer from corrosion and seal aging.

In recent years, HZPT has developed more energy-saving and efficient hydraulic systems for shield machines in accordance with customer requirements and the characteristics of the domestic shield market application. In the multiple systems of the shield machine, we are equipped with the V30D series on the Inline brand with low noise and more reliability. V30D-140 pump is used in the thrust hydraulic system;  V33D-250 closed pump is used in the rotary hydraulic system of the screw machine; V30D-140+45 pump is used in the assembly machine and auxiliary hydraulic system; V30D-115 pump is used in the synchronous grouting hydraulic system.

We customized solutions for customers to fully meet the needs of complex working conditions such as high frequency, high load, vibration, and pollution during underground construction. HZPT uses its strength to build a comprehensive service brand for hydraulic transmission and control systems in the field of tunnel boring equipment.

In addition, we not only provide shield machine cylinders. We also supply a diverse range of hydraulic cylinders, including industrial vehicle hydraulic cylinders, aerial work vehicle cylinders, mobile machinery cylinders, industrial engineering cylinders, construction machinery cylinders, forklift hydraulic cylinders, agricultural machinery cylinders, crane hydraulic cylinders, sanitation machinery cylinders, excavator hydraulic cylinders, offshore hydraulic cylinders, energy technology cylinders, tunnel boring machine cylinders, and more. Our extensive product lineup caters to various industries and applications, providing solutions for your hydraulic needs.

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