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Shield Machine Articulated Cylinder for Tunnel Boring

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Hydraulic Cylinders

A shield machine articulated cylinder is a type of hydraulic cylinder that is used to articulate, or bend, the shield of a shield tunneling machine (TBM). Shield TBMs are used to excavate tunnels through a variety of ground conditions, including rock, soil, and sand. The shield machine articulated cylinder is typically located at the front of the TBM and is used to steer the machine and adjust the angle of the shield to match the slope of the tunnel.

Shield machine articulated cylinders are typically large and powerful, and they must be able to withstand the high loads and harsh conditions that are encountered in tunneling. They are also designed to be very precise so that they can accurately control the position and angle of the shield.

Shield machine articulated cylinders are typically made of high-strength steel and are precision machined to ensure accurate operation. They are also equipped with a variety of safety features to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

Here are some of the key features of shield machine articulated cylinders:

  • Large size and power to handle the high loads and harsh conditions of tunneling
  • High precision to accurately control the position and angle of the shield
  • Durability and reliability to ensure continuous operation in demanding environments
  • Safety features to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation

Shield machine articulated cylinders play a vital role in the operation of shield TBMs. They are essential for steering the machine, adjusting the angle of the shield, and maintaining the accuracy of the tunneling process.


Shield Machine Articulated Cylinder Specifications:

Product Name Shield Machine Articulated Cylinder
Features: Active articulation: cutter head steering/coordinated tool change
Passive articulation: drag the tail of the shield forward
Bore diameter: 125mm~550mm
Rod diameter:  70mm~370mm
Pressure: Up to 35MPa
Applications: Shield Machine, Tunnel Boring Machinery

Benefits of Using the Shield Machine Articulated Cylinder:

The shield machine articulated cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder that is used to articulate the front and rear shield sections of a shield tunneling machine. This allows the shield machine to steer and negotiate curves in the tunnel alignment.

There are several benefits to using a shield machine articulated cylinder:

1. Increased flexibility: The articulated cylinder allows the shield machine to steer and negotiate curves in the tunnel alignment, which is important for tunneling through complex geological conditions.

2. Reduced construction time: The ability to steer the shield machine reduces the need to make sharp turns in the tunnel alignment, which can save time and money.

3. Improved safety: The articulated cylinder helps to keep the shield machine stable during steering and curve negotiation, which improves safety for the workers.

4. Reduced ground disturbance: The articulated cylinder allows the shield machine to follow a curved tunnel alignment, which reduces the amount of ground disturbance caused by the construction process.

In addition to these general benefits, the shield machine articulated cylinder can also offer specific advantages depending on the specific tunneling project. For example, in projects where the tunnel alignment passes through soft ground or unstable rock formations, the articulated cylinder can help to prevent the shield machine from getting stuck or derailing.


How to Choose the Right Shield Machine Articulated Cylinder?

To choose the right shield machine articulated cylinder, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Load capacity: The articulated cylinder must have a load capacity that is greater than or equal to the maximum load that will be placed on it. This includes both the weight of the shield machine and the weight of the excavated material.
  • Stroke length: The stroke length of the articulated cylinder is the distance that the piston rod can travel. It must be long enough to allow the shield machine to advance the required distance.
  • Bore diameter: The bore diameter of the articulated cylinder is the diameter of the piston rod. It must be large enough to produce the required force.
  • Operating pressure: The operating pressure of the articulated cylinder is the maximum pressure that can be applied to the piston rod. It must be compatible with the hydraulic system of the shield machine.
  • Mounting style: The articulated cylinder must have a mounting style that is compatible with the shield machine. This includes the type of flange and the number of mounting holes.
  • Environmental conditions: The articulated cylinder must be able to operate in the environmental conditions in which the shield machine will be used. This includes factors such as temperature, humidity, and dust.

Here are some additional tips for choosing the right shield machine articulated cylinder:

  • Make sure that the shield machine articulated cylinder is designed for the specific application that you will be using it for. There are cylinders that are specifically designed for shield machines, and there are cylinders that are designed for other applications, such as construction and mining.
  • Choose a shield machine articulated cylinder that is made from high-quality materials. This will ensure that the cylinder is durable and can withstand the harsh conditions in which it will be used.
  • Consider the maintenance requirements of the shield machine articulated cylinder. Some cylinders require more maintenance than others. Choose a cylinder that is easy to maintain and that has readily available replacement parts.


China Shield Machine Cylinder Manufacturers

HZPT has been developing and producing shield machine cylinders since 2005, has successfully exported them all over the world, and has a leading global market share. For example, the Bertha shield machine in Seattle, the entire set of high-pressure hydraulic cylinders is from HZPT. Even though the equipment was constructed underground for two years, HZPT's cylinders did not suffer from corrosion and seal aging.

In recent years, HZPT has developed more energy-saving and efficient hydraulic systems for shield machines in accordance with customer requirements and the characteristics of the domestic shield market application. In the multiple systems of the shield machine, we are equipped with the V30D series on the Inline brand with low noise and more reliability. V30D-140 pump is used in the thrust hydraulic system;  V33D-250 closed pump is used in the rotary hydraulic system of the screw machine; V30D-140+45 pump is used in the assembly machine and auxiliary hydraulic system; V30D-115 pump is used in the synchronous grouting hydraulic system.

We customized solutions for customers to fully meet the needs of complex working conditions such as high frequency, high load, vibration, and pollution during underground construction. HZPT uses its strength to build a comprehensive service brand for hydraulic transmission and control systems in the field of tunnel boring equipment.

Moreover, we go beyond shield machine cylinders. We also supply a diverse range of hydraulic cylinders, including industrial vehicle hydraulic cylinders, aerial work vehicle cylinders, mobile machinery cylinders, industrial engineering cylinders, construction machinery cylinders, forklift hydraulic cylinders, agricultural machinery cylinders, crane hydraulic cylinders, sanitation machinery cylinders, excavator hydraulic cylinders, offshore hydraulic cylinders, energy technology cylinders, tunnel boring machine cylinders, and more. Our extensive product lineup caters to various industries and applications, providing solutions for your hydraulic needs.

We are one of the best hydraulic cylinders manufacturers. We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service. We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information, and cooperate with us!



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