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Electric Furnace Lock Cylinder

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Hydraulic Cylinder

An electric furnace lock cylinder is a device that is used to lock the tilting mechanism of an electric furnace in place. This is done to prevent the furnace from accidentally tilting while it is in operation, which could pose a safety hazard. Electric furnace lock cylinders are typically hydraulically operated, and they are designed to withstand the high temperatures and harsh conditions associated with electric furnace operation. They are also typically equipped with safety features to prevent them from failing in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

Electric furnace lock cylinders are an essential safety component for any electric furnace operation. They help to ensure that the furnace operates safely and efficiently, and they can help to prevent accidents and injuries.


Electric Furnace Lock Cylinder Specifications:

Product Name Electric Furnace Lock Cylinder
Bore diameter: 40mm
Rod diameter: 28mm
Pressure: 14MPa
Thrust force: Maximum 17KN
Electric Furnace Lock Cylinder Applications: Electric Furnace

Electric Furnace Lock Cylinder Advantages:

• According to different hydraulic media, the seals of the corresponding materials are selected to ensure the compatibility of the seals and the media. Even in a high-temperature working environment, it can achieve durable and highly reliable performance.

• The electric furnace lock cylinder adopts V-group sealing and adds adjusting gaskets, which have excellent sealing performance, easy maintenance, and long service life.

• The design has a wide range of temperature resistance (-25℃~+120℃) and can provide higher-temperature cylinders.

• There is a water cooling tube outside the electric furnace lock cylinder to avoid excessive ambient temperature from affecting the sealing performance and life of the hydraulic cylinder.

• Both ends of the electric furnace lock cylinder are equipped with a cushion structure to reduce impact, noise, etc.

• Hydraulic cylinder built-in Displacement sensor, real-time monitoring of hydraulic cylinder stroke, precise control.

• The surface of the piston rod of the electric furnace lock cylinder and the inner hole of the cylinder are plated to improve the hardness, increase the wear resistance, and improve the anti-corrosion ability.

• Working pressure, size specifications, installation methods, etc., can be customized according to the customer's needs.


Applications of Electric Furnace Lock Cylinder:

Electric furnace lock cylinders are used to lock the furnace in place, preventing it from tilting or rotating unintentionally. This is important for safety reasons, as well as to ensure that the furnace is properly aligned during operation.

Electric furnace lock cylinders are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Steelmaking: Electric furnace lock cylinders are used to lock the EAF in place during tilting and prevent it from overturning. This is important to prevent accidents and injuries to workers.
  • Foundry: Electric furnace lock cylinders are used to lock the electric induction furnace in place during charging and casting operations. This helps to ensure that the molten metal is poured safely and accurately into the molds.
  • Heat treatment: Electric furnace lock cylinders are used to lock the furnace in place during the heat treatment process. This helps to ensure that the metal is heated evenly and to the correct temperature.
  • Research and development: Electric furnace lock cylinders are used to lock the furnace in place during experiments. This helps to protect the workers and the equipment from the high temperatures and harsh conditions inside the furnace.

In addition to these specific applications, electric furnace lock cylinders are also used in a variety of other industrial settings, including:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Power generation

Electric furnace lock cylinders are typically made of high-strength materials, such as alloy steel or stainless steel. They are also designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. Overall, electric furnace lock cylinders play an important role in a variety of industrial applications. They help to ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency in the production of steel, castings, and other heat-treated products.


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